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My pursuit of a career in voice over began as I was finishing my undergraduate degree at Syracuse University. Soon after graduating I moved to NYC where I started my short-lived career in advertising - but also where I began my training in the craft of voice overs. 

In the summer of 2000 I dropped everything, quit my next job (in publishing) and moved to Los Angeles.

I had the good fortune of gaining the acquaintance of one of the true legends in the very tight knit realm of voice over, Don Lafontaine. 

From that time, I started to truly invest myself into learing my signature, into learning the craft. 

Clean, cool, sophisticated. a little Country club and 

a little bit country. velvety.


authoritative. commanding. "man's man" smooth, hypnotic, intergalactic, erudite, Ken nordine.

Somewhere between Lou Rawls, Kelsey Grammar and Ken Nordine.

And now, as a full time voice over artist, 

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